Get the power of business continuity

Why Your Business Needs Standby Power

An investment in standby power is an investment in ensuring your business continuity. Safeguard your business from the increasing number and severity of costly power outages with Cummins power generation. During the past five years, serious power outages have increased 58%, with tens of billions in lost revenue each year, and median small business losses of $12,500 per day. Cummins has multiple generator options that will fit your particular application, so you know that when the lights go out, your business keeps going..


Advanced enclosure design

Corrosion resistant and able to withstand winds upto 150mph

Extremely quiet performance

Advanced design provides one of the quietest products in the market.

Flexible exercise mode

Lower exercise cycle requirements means overall improved sociability.

Diagnostic and service capability

Advanced self diagnostic capability and support from highly trained dealer network